When/why/how did you start Carson’s Closet?

I started Carson’s Closet in October 2010. I went to AAOTH October 2010 knowing I was having a little boy soon. I was so excited to buy all kinds of things for him, but there was nothing there! I went home empty handed and heartbroken. So many fun and cute things for little girls, but nothing for boys. I knew other moms had to be as upset as I was, so I went home and started my business that night!  Naming it after my soon-to-be-born son, Carson.

What were you doing prior to it?

My mom owns Russ Warren Insurance Agency, and I worked there and still work there today with her!

Is Carson’s Closet your full-time job or do you still do other things?

It is a full-time job with an online store, brick-and-mortar store, and booths at shows. I am also a full-time mom, wife, PTA president and insurance agent. My husband and I are also starting a new business, The Market at Northpark, in late February. I wear many hats and wouldn’t trade it for the world! 

When was your first Braum’s An Affair of the Heart show?

I have been coming to AAOTH with my mom and grandma since the 80s as a faithful shopper, and started as a vendor in 2012.

How many shows have you done with us?

The Tulsa November 2019 show was my 20th show!

What’s your favorite thing about owning Carson’s Closet?

Hands down my customers. I love seeing their faces and hearing them ooh and ahh over boy stuff. I have a really good following and I love seeing familiar faces, watching families grow and meeting new customers too. They keep me going and a lot of them are like family to me! They are the ones who made me expand and change my branding. My tag line is now “All things boy and a lil’ pink too!” 

What’s been your greatest accomplishment to date for Carson’s Closet?

I have many, but my top three would be:
Growth, friendships and having the love and support from my family. 

Growth – I never thought I would expand from my 400 square foot sewing room to what we are today! And we aren’t stopping anytime soon! More exciting things to come in 2020! 

Friendships – I have met so many wonderful and amazing vendors over the years at AAOTH shows! From Utah to Tennessee and everywhere in between, I have made lifelong friends that I would have never met if it weren’t for An Affair of the Heart. I cherish those friendships deeply. 

Support and love from my family – I started out with a couple of folding tables and boxes in the back of my SUV, now my husband pulls our trailer all over to shows. My parents, grandmas and son all come to pitch in and help at shows. We do this as a family and I love every minute of it! 

What’s your favorite thing about doing shows like Braum’s An Affair of the Heart?

I love seeing all the people and especially my customers. I love being able to put a smile on their face because they found the perfect coming home outfit, or that special one-of-a-kind baby shower gift, or the matching sibling outfits for family photos. I love making my customers happy! 

What do you hope to see happen with/for Carson’s Closet?

Carson’s Closet is continuing to grow! We now carry newborn to size 8, boy and girl items. I have a mommy section, books, feeding accessories, toys, and more… you name it, I probably sell it! My hope is for every Okie baby to have at least one items from Carson’s Closet! 

Do you carry any handmade goods in your booth?

I started this business making 100% of my items myself. As my life has gotten so hectic over the years, I have had to move to companies that make items for me. 

Finally, the show’s tagline is “find something you love.”  What’s something you love?

I love being able to bring unique boutique items to the shoppers!