Our Nov. 16-18 show is less than six weeks away, which also means we’re less than seven weeks away from Thanksgiving and only 12 weeks away from Christmas!

To help you, and us, we’ve partnered with Go French Yourself blogger Samantha Ruble to highlight 10 gifts you can pick up at our fall show. Her first pick was
1. a handmade wood bowl from JL Concepts
2. Next on her list is for those who love to be pampered

Farm Sweet Farm Oklahoma Goat’s Milk Soap, $6
These beautiful soaps are all handmade from scratch on a homestead in Coweta, Oklahoma. Their soap contains milk from their own goats! Every bar of soap is handmade, sliced and labeled by them in their home in Coweta and I just love this so much! (I actually get to visit the farm soon) They are a true grassroots company! The carefully selected oils in each soap are so incredibly moisturizing and provide such a great aromatic experience too. There is a great variety in scents to chose from all though the seasonal ones get me every-time. Nina Cason, the maker, was born in England and moved to Oklahoma in 2007 with her husband and slowly but surely fell in love with the people here and the country life. She always say she is British by birth and Oklahoman by choice. She makes wonderful goat’s milk lotions too that I am so excited for you to try in November at her booth!

Find them in booth 576!

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