We’re back with the fifth and final installment of curated shops and products to find at this weekend’s show in Oklahoma City. Check out these booths and about 800 others to find curated items from across the county mixed in with our handmade items!

One of the unique aspects of the Braum’s An Affair of the Heart shows has always been the variety of boutiques and small retailers setting up alongside artists, craftsmen and other handmade vendors. It’s what makes our show one of the largest contemporary craft shows in the country, and allows us to help provide a customer base for thousands of small businesses and hand-crafters alike.

Quin Lane Boutique

Find a light jacket to transition your wardrobe to warmer weather, or back to cold for Oklahoma’s Second Winter. Find Quin Lane in booths 235-237.

Snips & Snails Boutique

Find bags for any occasion in Snips and Snails, booths 43-45.

AddyMay Kid’s Shop

Find western wear and more for your youngest family members in booth 758.

Green Goose Pottery

Colorful Polish pottery available in Green Goose Pottery. Add some color to your home for spring! Booth 406.


Trendy and lightweight earrings for all outfits can be found at Rush, booth 353.