This week brings you a second roundup of handmade vendors to look for at the upcoming Oklahoma City show, set for Feb. 7-9, 2020. Keep scrolling to find some food to keep you warm, decor, and handmade jewelry.

  1. Fork It over – Find vintage and handmade in one booth with Fork It Over’s pieces made from vintage coins and silverware. Booths 110 and 120.
  2. Willis Chili Seasoning – Keep warm this winter with chili mixes from Willis Chili. Select your heat level, make dinner, and ask Mr. Willis how to recreate a new meal with leftovers. Booths 573-574.
  3. Gringo Joe’s – Visit booths 135-136 and 155-156 to find handmade wood and metal decor, made in Dallas.
  4. Homemade Prince – The cutest piggy banks, coffee cups and cards can be found in booth 10.
  5. H&R Pallet Designs – Dawn at H&R Pallet Designs has a booth full of handmade signs and decor, or place a custom order for something really special. Booths 455-457.