Here is the fifth installment of HEART for the Holidays – a curated list of items to help find everything you need for the winter months and winter festivities.

Braum’s An Affair of the Heart offers all sorts of goodies to help you prepare for the holidays: special presents, hostess gifts, potluck dishes, wrapping paper, holiday decor or even an outfit for an upcoming Christmas party. As always, our HEART newsletters include items you can find at the show to Hang, Entertain, Accessorize, Relax and Treat. Find these items and more at the show in Tulsa, set for Nov. 22-24.

HANG: Create a unique and one-of-a-kind centerpieces with bowls and decor from Malone’s Home Decor in booths 188-190 and 210.

ENTERTAIN: If you need to throw together a quick dinner for last-minute guests or put together a pot-luck dish, check out PDQ Meals in booths 181-184. PDQ offers meal mixes that can be on the table in 20 minutes.

ACCESSORIZE: Find unique sweaters, holiday outfits and threads for all your winter needs at The Threaded Nest, booths 827-828.

RELAX: Nothing says relax like a comfy T-shirt. Check out Good for the Soul, buy a shirt and take a hike to get outside and relax this stressful holiday season. Find them in booth 693.

TREAT: Keep your drink handy while casting fishing lines with the Oklahoma-owned Chill-n-Reel, located in booth 226. Insulated can holder and fishing line included for only $10.