We’re always impressed by the clever products and beautiful designs we see at the show especially when married together.

Here’s a short list of vendors you can find at the July 13-15 show carrying products that can make your life easier and more beautiful!

Da Vinci Brooms are curved to funnel dirt towards the center, have a low profile head to get under furniture and cabinets, and flared edges to get along walls and into corners easily. Booth #427

The Bucket Stool, proudly made in the USA, turns any standard bucket into a comfortable seat AND you can still use the bucket. Great for gardening, DIY projects, detailing, baseball/softball, hunting, fishing and camping. It’s “a place to sit, where your stuff can fit!’ Booth #426

Southwest Pepper Grillers¬†booth is where you’ll find handy tools for grilling all types of peppers AND these amazing plant stands that can be used for more than just plants. Booth #685

Green Bee KC Tea Towels are hand printed one at a time in Kansas City. We strive to create products that are not only beautiful and fun but that are also functional and durable. Booth #403

Lazy Susans by JoAnn handcrafts these beautiful and functional lazy susans. Booth #314-315