Go French Yourself blogger Samantha Ruble’s helping us highlight 10 gifts you can pick up at our fall show happening Nov. 16-18. So far she has treated us to
1. a handmade wood bowl from JL Concepts
2. delightful soaps from Farm Sweet Farm
3. a relic from the 80s – the scrunchie from Coral Lane
4. yummy gourmet mixes from Scott Farms
5. but the next item is the way to a girl’s heart

Ps:121 Jewelry Leather Ring With Freshwater Pearls, $15
Jewelry is always a great gift and I cannot seem to have enough accessories. I adore unique pieces that really start a conversation too and this leather and pearl ring really catches my eye. PS:121 Jewelry is so passionate about their designs, their quality and your ability to afford their merchandise. Each piece is hand crafted and you can really feel the love when you see her pieces up close. Michael Ann takes great care in carefully choosing each gem stone, pearl and crystal for its quality and uniqueness. The results are one-of-a-kind pieces you can’t find anywhere else! They also design pieces for charities for 100% donation.

Find them in booth 291.

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