Warm weather, sunny days, June on the calendar….we don’t know about you all, but all of these make us daydream about our upcoming summer vacations. While the beach or mountains or state parks are calling, the stress of packing to get away can be overwhelming. Guys seem to be able to just throw everything in a pack and walk out the door, but ladies have it harder (especially when we’re the ones packing all the kids’ stuff, too!) Whether it’s a road trip, trying to fit everything in a backpack to fly cheap on Frontier or Allegiant, or just trying to follow that pesky TSA 3-1-1 business, each trip comes with it’s own unique packing challenges.

While shopping at the June 7-9 Braum’s An Affair of the Heart show, keep your eyes open for some booths with products that might make your summer packing a bit easier.

Pack solids

Avoid leaks and spills and the TSA police by packing as many solid toiletries as possible. It’s an old tip, but definitely a helpful one. Check out the variety of bath and body vendors at Braum’s An Affair of the Heart for things like solid perfume sticks or bars of soap. The perfume sticks are shaped like a tube of lip balm, are super small and don’t leak. Plus, easy to put in your purse or beach bag if you want to refresh a little later in the day.

Hit up the bath and body vendors for some great bars of soap, too. If you hate hotel bar soap, but don’t want to pack shower gel that can get messy, grab a luxurious bar of soap at the show (some are even great for eczema or double as a bug repellant.) Avoid the goopy soap dish by taking just what you need. It’s easy: pop your bar of soap in the microwave for about 10 seconds, pull it out, and use a sharp knife to cut off a one- or two-inch sliver. Saves space, weight and room in your liquids bag. Going to multiple cities or hotels? Just slice two smaller slices and use one for each location.

Seatback Smart

Check out our many handbag and accessory vendors to find a thin (possibly fold-over) clutch. In it, pack your iPad/Kindle/tablet, headphones, phone, snack, etc. It’s easy to pull out of your carry-on before putting it in the overhead, and stick in the seatback pocket. Everything you need during the flight is at your fingertips, and possibly gives you some more room at your feet! Bonus: you can use the clutch as a purse during the trip. Double bonus: seeing it stick out of the seat-back pocket will remind you to get everything from the pocket before you de-board.

Cable Madness

Keep your eye out for a little zipper bag to pack your chargers and manage that type of madness. Some vendors even sell oilcloth bags and accessories that are great because you can wipe them off easily.

Oilcloth for everything

Speaking of oilcloth…this stuff was sent from Heaven for busy travelers. Pick up an oilcloth zipper bag or tote to easy your packing woes. Use it as a packing container to help keep everything organized on your way to your destination. On the way back, this waterproof material is great for dirty clothes, wet towels or drippy bathing suits.

Jewelry, scarves and accessories: oh my! 

If you’re trying to fit seven days of outfits in a carry-on or personal item, life can get stressful. To add some variety to a minimal travel wardrobe, jewelry and scarves are always great solutions. We all know Braum’s An Affair of the Heart has no shortage of jewelry and accessories. Pick up a statement necklace or colorful earrings to add interest to your travel outfits. They take up way less space than extra clothing, and won’t get wrinkled! Snap jewelry is also great for this – you can wear the same bracelet in different colors on different days.

If you’re looking for some items to make your packing easier, or just looking for a great statement dress to wear to that destination wedding this summer, you can find it all at Braum’s An Affair of the Heart!