Go French Yourself blogger Samantha Ruble’s helping us highlight 10 gifts you can pick up at our fall show happening Nov. 16-18. So far she has treated us to:
1. a handmade wood bowl from JL Concepts
2. delightful soaps from Farm Sweet Farm
3. a relic from the 80s – the scrunchie from Coral Lane
4. yummy gourmet mixes from Scott Farms
5. a beautiful pearl and leather ring from Ps: 121
6. and up next is a treat for the nose

Soy Candle Cottage Natural Soy Candles, $11
Who doesn’t love a good candle?! And a good natural non toxic candle, yes please. They use a 100% cotton braid wick with absolutely no lead or zinc. They pour their candles from soy wax made in the USA with domestically grown crops, 100% vegetable made with pure soybean oil, all natural & biodegradable. They are manufactured meeting FDA standards, Kosher Certified (yes, it is food-grade), free of pesticides, herbicides or other toxic materials and is FREE of genetically modified material! I personally love soy candles as they reduce the soot and toxins and that is so important to me. Plus I am supporting a sustainable crop with my purchase. There are so many wonderful aromas to chose from too. And colors! My personal favorite is the Aspen Winter. I visited Aspen a few years ago and it holds such a special place in my heart so reliving that special vacay in my home this season just gives me all the feels.

Find them in booth 301-302.

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