In case you’re on the fence and need convincing of why you should apply to be a vendor at our April show in Conway, Ark., we have five great reasons:

  1. April in Conway is the perfect time for an arts and craft show, due to the timing between spring break and summer. Parents, teachers and coaches are all in town during the school year, as well as the college population at three different universities, which increases Conway’s population by 25 percent.
  2. The Conway show now offers reduced booth pricing and discounts on 30’ and 40’ booths.
  3. The new An Affair of the Heart shows (Conway and Springfield) offer new vendors a way to jury into the An Affair of the Heart family and a better chance of being placed in the larger Tulsa and Oklahoma City shows.
  4. The Conway Expo and Fairgrounds offers a boutique feel, as only about 160 vendors are accepted. Sign up early, as the past summer (now spring) shows have had a wait-list.
  5. The An Affair of the Heart shows invest more advertising dollars and marketing dollars than other craft shows, to promote you and your business.