We never cease to be amazed at the clever sayings, designs and packaging our vendors debut at each show. So we thought we would share a little sneak peek of some of the funny things we’re excited to find at the June 9-11 show at the OKC Fairgrounds.

urban tea towel

Given the word “smirk” is in the name, we often hear a lot of chuckles from shoppers in the Urban Smirk booth. If you like to laugh, be sure to visit them in Pavilion booth 47.

garden gate gifts boxers

Garden Gate Gifts is a veteran vendor. With handmade and retail items, you can find something sweet or a little cheeky in their Pavilion booths 247-248.

Quick Draw Shirts Butt Nuggets Tee

Debuting out our February show this year, Quick Draw Shirts is returning to Pavilion booths 60-61 with their unique styles.

Kwik Signs Pool Sign

Find inspiration for your own aluminum sign customized on site at the Kwik Signs booth 133 in the Pavilion building.

desert wolf crafts and co dog sign

A little humor and a whole lot of truth is found in this door sign from Desert Wolf Crafts and Co. Find them in the Pavilion building booth 256.